City Catalyst : architecture in the age of extreme urbanization

The city has become an important new starting point in the quest for architecture. At a time of extreme urbanization, unharnessed urban growth has led many architects to rethink the way that buildings are designed for the global metropolis. It is no longer practical or desirable to impose the standa...

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Autores principales: Adeyemi, Kunlé, Denison, Edward, Dunn, Sarah, Easterling, Keller, Eisenschmidt, Alexander, Fabricius, Daniela, Felsen, Martinv, Lally, Sean, LeCavalier, Jesse, Mayer H, Jürgen, Park, Kyong, Pope, Albert, Tsukamoto, Yoshiharu, Vanstiphout, Wouter, Witte, Ron, RE Somol
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